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And the sweet, sweet sun’s coming down hard…

Has it really been that long?  I’ve been pretty much MIA from all forms of social networking.  This past week was dedicated to studying for the many exams.  Isn’t it funny how most of your tests are either on the same day or in the same week?  Well, it usually is for me. I am definitely ready for this semester to be over!

On Friday, I took a break from ‘hitting the books’ and ventured out to Waianae/Makaha.  It isn’t very often I have a reason to go out to that side of the island and decided to take Krysta’s third set of senior pictures (because she needed a beach scene).  It was such a beautiful day with an abundant amount of direct sunlight (my worst fear). Haha. Although we had to wait for the clouds/finding shade, we still managed to make do.  These are only a couple of Krysta and the beautiful, gorgeous scenery. 

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